by Imaginarium

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released April 6, 2013

Shaun Couper - vocals, guitar, songwriting, recording and mixing.



all rights reserved


Imaginarium Greenock, UK


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Track Name: In Memoriam
We were never gonna live forever,
You were crazy to believe,
Never thought this day would come,
A burning memory,
Your voice silenced in darkness,
Yet I can still hear you speak,
Never thought this day would come,
Forsaken by the light.

We surrender to this day,
A promise we refused to make,
You are now at peace,
But the memories keep you with us...
Track Name: Days Gone By (Radio)
Falling leaves, cloudy skies,
Caught in the rain on these cold and lonely nights,
Counting the ways to where you are,
Living life with no sense of time.

To a place I miss the most,
I cannot get enough, my love,
The radio reminds me of home.

I wrote this song to remind me of her,
And you, my love, are gone,
Can we go back again, nothing will compare,
I can only hope, now you're here and you don't know why,
I'd die in a moment without you.
Track Name: Tomorrow
I look at the stars and wonder why I'm here,
I see all the passers-by, they have no idea,
I stare at the sea, wash the day away,
I hear the birds outside, they call for a new day.

When it comes, I'll be ready,
When it's over, I will remain.

We look at the stars and wonder why we're here,
There is no-one around, only our minds racing,
We stare at the ocean, wash our fears away,
We hear the birds call for a brand new day.